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On display

So in my recently realised extra time, I’ve felt the need to prove my worth and relevance by taking on some freelance work. It’s been fairly heavy-going, time-consuming editing and while it’s taken a lot of time away from my making (and, clearly, blogging), it’s also given me some good insight in how to price my time.

With the big editing job all but over, I’ve felt it’s been time to take a new step: another small gamble on my craft. I’ve rented a little space in a a permanent market place – the sort of place that is like a large warehouse with lots of individual stalls that sell antiques. This place also does a lot of handmade stuff too. It has a big range of loveliness and I just got a nice feeling from the place, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I spent a bit of time thinking about my display, which is not only fun, but I think it’s also essential to create appeal for your product. I wanted to create a little bit of fantasy, perhaps inspire nostalgia in the customer. A sight to stop them in their tracks, that they wont want to walk past. Ok, so I don’t expect to achieve that, but I’m at least trying to create something that is easy on the eye and that makes my items look as appealing as they can.

market stall set up
Market stall display – my first attempt

I had a first attempt at this when I did a kids’ market stall. In retrospect, I feel that it was a bit over-crowded and I overused the calico and doilies – making it look a little washed out and fussy. This time I went for a simpler look – more fun and with stronger colours and themes. A touch of whimsy, even!

Teddy bears’ picnic

I’m still seeing this as a work in progress, but I think it has more visual impact than my previous attempt. I rather like the astro turf with the tree stump and tea set!

It was very strange to leave my little creations on a table in a big shop and walk out, leaving them to fend for themselves. So now I wait and see whether or not this little venture is a success. I’ll keep you posted.

A menagerie of mermaids, bilbies, cats and dogs

In the meantime, I’ll just take the time I can get to sew and create and just keep moving forward. Step by step.

It’s good to be back.







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