Custom orders and dolls for boys

I do love custom orders. I love to see the creativity of others, which almost makes it a bit of a collaboration – someone has an idea and I bring it to life, adding my own touches along the way. It also helps me to learn new skills.

Let me share with you a couple of projects I did recently.

The first is a personalised baby blanket. I have quite a collection of beautiful vintage wool blankets that I use for my bears and dolls. And I just adore them. I used one of my favourite acquisitions to make a baby blanket. I cut a 1-metre square piece, embroidered baby’s name and some little flowers, backed with flannelette (to hide the back of the embroidery and give it a super soft side) and edged with blanket stitch. Here it is:

personalised embroidery close up
Embroidered baby blanket

My second custom order was to make a comforter doll, also for a new baby. I was given a doll to use as a guide. It’s in the Waldorf style which I’ve read a bit about recently, but never attempted, so I was intrigued. I did a bit of research and learnt how to shape wool for the Waldorf-style head. The body was flannelette and the doll has a simple embroidered face. Here it is:

waldorf baby comforter doll
Waldorf inspired comforter doll

It’s lovely but a bit nerve wracking when someone says to you, “Just do what you think looks good – I know whatever you make will be great”. It’s a lot to live up to. But I love the challenge and so far all my customers have been thrilled. There’s not much more rewarding than that.

The final project was for me. Sort of. I’ve been wanting to try a boy doll for a while. As a bit of an advocate for gender neutral toys, it’s been niggling at me that all my dolls have been girls so far. Why can’t boys have dolls too? Would a boy play with a doll? And since I have three boys and no girls, I have the perfect focus group! Here he is:

cloth boy doll
Cool Hand Luke

Well. He was claimed by my #2 before I’d had a chance to give him a face! He was instantly named Luke and he and my 5 year-old have become the best of friends since. It’s inspired me to make more boy dolls and perhaps even some dads with babies. My brain is full of possibilities. I hope there are people out there that would buy a doll for a boy, because I’m sure there are boys out there who would love them.




2 thoughts on “Custom orders and dolls for boys

  1. I love Luke!! How awesome to make boy dolls, of course boys enjoy pretending with little people…they’re just not usually given many opportunities. 😐 My four, almost five year old, loves playing with baby dolls & accessories just as much as he likes robots and action figures!

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