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3 minute moisturiser

Melbourne is in the middle of a cold snap at the moment. Icy winds, frosty mornings and lots of rain.  I feel for the poor souls that have to endure the elements, but I do love the nicer aspects of winter – central heating, cups of tea and slippers.

Crunchy grass

The cold is harsh on my already dry skin though, and more than ever I’m turning to my homemade moisturiser. I’ve never been one for spending a lot on beauty products, but for a while I did develop a penchant for Aesop products (particularly the mandarin scented face cream). It became an expensive habit, so as is my wont, I thought I’d try my own. I found recipes for hydrating oils, which were easy to make and felt lovely on, but I really missed the creaminess of a conventional moisturiser.

Skin care is a very personal thing and I like a heavy moisturiser, particularly in the dry cold air of winter. But even though this moisturiser is oil-based, it’s so natural that it soaks in quickly, feels amazing and smells divine.

It’s also extremely simple to make – three ingredients and I don’t even measure them. And it takes just a few minutes. Everyone’s skin is different, so this is more a guideline than a recipe – you can make it your own.

essential oils for homemade moisturiser
Essential oils

Here’s what I do.

I use:

  • About 2 tbs Shea butter (easy to buy on Ebay, this gives you the lovely creaminess).
  • An equal amount of macadamia oil (available in most supermarkets, but you can use sweet almond oil or avocado oil if you’d prefer).
  • About 20 drops of your favourite essential oils, depending on the potency and strength you want, I just go by smell (I love the freshness of mandarin and the floral scent of rose geranium).
homemade moisturiser stuff you need
Homemade moisuriser in the making

And here’s how I do it:

  • Soften the Shea butter, much like you would ordinary butter to make a cake. I use the microwave on low power for a few seconds at a time. (Keep the rest of your Shea butter somewhere cool, ready for your next batch).
  • Use an electric whisk to beat the butter til it’s smooth and creamy
  • Still beating, slowly add the macadamia oil until it’s light and fluffy and well incorporated, add the essential oil now too.
  • Scoop into a pretty jar and set on your bathroom counter.

It will be softer in warmer weather and firmer in the cold, but will melt into the skin as soon as it’s applied. It feels like a little bit of luxury, while saving me a fortune and best of all, I know exactly what’s in it. What’s not to love about that?

Stay warm, wherever you are.




3 thoughts on “3 minute moisturiser

  1. Wow, I bet this smells AMAZING!! I’ve never heard of macadamia oil before…is it more expensive than the other two oils you mentioned? Because macadamias are pretty pricey here!
    Believe me, we’re staying “warm” here – in fact, I’ll send you some of our heat if you want as I am tired of it!! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mmm, I think Australia is known for growing macadamias. I can get a 500ml bottle at the supermarket for $7 or cheaper online. There are certainly other oils you could use though, sweet almond or avocado oils would also be lovely. We had our first sunny weekend in months so I think we’ve seen the worst of our winter, hopefully that means the worst of your summer has passed too!

      Liked by 1 person

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