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Make it do

Some may have described my grandparents as hoarders. Certainly my mother (their
daughter) did. They kept everything, threw away 20160621_133253nothing – just in case it might come in handy one day. It was not an unusual attitude for people of their time, they were children of the depression after all.


This attitude meant the clutter piled up in their home. The garage was wall-to-wall old furniture, the back yard littered with abandoned vehicles and not a bare horizontal surface could be found inside the house.

As a child, this was paradise to me. Coming from a home that was always neat and tidy; everything in its place – my grandparents’ home represented mystery and possibility. I remember old car windshields transformed into a greenhouse, Granddad’s old woolen socks were woven into a hearth rug and  Grandma’s old stockings were used for everything from staking tomato plants to reinforcing boxes and even became Christmas stockings for their many grand kids.


20160621_133335As an adult I’ve come to appreciate these values even more, especially since my grandparents have been gone. And these values of simplicity, sustainability and thriftiness are summed up perfectly in a cross-stitched saying that my grandma made that hangs upon my kitchen wall. I read it often and think of her.

A few days ago I decided this saying needed rejuvenating – I needed to make it my own. Here’s the result:


Appropriately, it’s made from a vintage bed sheet, old doilies, some vintage tablecloth old lace and buttons.

I’m sure Grandma would have approved.

In other news, I’ve been busy stocking the shelves in my little Etsy shop with more owl and bunny rattles (made from vintage wool blankets – naturally!). They seem to have been quite popular lately. And my #3 has been doing rather a good job of modelling them.

bunny rattle dark blue baby

I hope you have a simple, sustainable and thrifty kind of day.




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