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A good day

I’m a single mum this week as A is interstate with work. It’s tough being on your own. I have great admiration for anyone who has to do it all the time. It’s not just having the extra pair of hands around for the bedtime routine, it’s more the emotional and moral support of just knowing there’s another adult to share the load with. Anyway, I’m getting through it with the use of To Do lists that give me a sense of achievement at the end of the day.

Today’s To Do list had ‘close down madeit shop’ on it. I just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with madeit so I thought I’d cut my losses and move everything back over to my etsy shop. Before I got a chance, I had my first sale. Happy dance!

So I guess I’ll give it another chance.

I am going to miss Toby’s happy smiling face though:

toby teddy bear
So long, Toby Teddy Bear

But I’m sure he’s found a loving home.

Here he is again, ready for his flight to Sydney:

Toby the bear ready to travel
Bon voyage, Toby

And now to top it off – the children are in bed, I have a glass of wine in hand and Doctor Who followed by Sherlock are waiting to entertain me. A good day. I hope yours was too.



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