So many plans, so little time

There are so many ideas for ‘making’ floating around in my head at the moment that I’m finding it difficult to focus on just one or two.

I have plans for more ‘Mister Picolinis and friends’ and all the paraphernalia that might accompany them.


Mister Piccollini cosy in bed with a teddy of his own

I have a request for some lovely kitschy Italian sayings embroidered onto retro teatowels and framed.

I’m also feeling inspired to do some embroidery hoop art involving my recent vintage linen haul, some doilies, buttons, lace and artfully placed words of wisdom.

A bit of granny chic

There’s another request for some doilified zippered pouches like the one I made for my mum:

Everything’s better with a doily on it

And this vintage cot sheet in particular is asking me to run up another baby romper or two along the lines of this one I sold a while back:

Finally, I have a big stack of vintage wool blankets begging to become more bears. Where’s a girl to start?

(Other than with the many boring ‘administrative’ tasks, like listing all the things I’ve already made. Sigh.)





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