A few crafty wins

On a day when I’m feeling a bit maudlin, I thought I’d share a few little crafty achievements that lifted my spirits, to wit:

Ooh la la!

I’m rather chuffed with this doilied zippered pouch I made for my mum’s birthday. Lovely William Morris fabric from my new favourite shop, L’uccello, a tea-dyed doily and some fancy French words to make it extra posh.

I just finished an Instagram/Facebook saga of the making of this little guy:

It was much fun and I’m thinking of posting a more detailed tutorial here.

Here is Daisy the bear admiring my handiwork of her new owner’s name on her foot:

Showing off her new tatt…

I hope to two of them share many a happy adventure.

And finally, what could bring more warmth to a crafty mum’s heart than the vision of her 4-year-old son learning to embroider. Sigh.

Clever boy

My work here is done.




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