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Playing house

It seems a little early on in this blogging caper to be suffering from writer’s block. But here I am. I just thought I’d start typing and let things flow. It’s a tricky thing – trying to find a natural voice when writing on the internet about your life. What makes it interesting to read? What do I love to read on blogs? Who am I writing it for? Why do I always overthink everything?

hanging plant
My first pottery wheel attempt…

So maybe I’ll just tell you about my week. It was my first week as an official job-free SAHM after all, an absolute first in my life. I have to say – I loved it. I love this as my job. My sense of achievement when I (oh god I’m going to say it) cross chores of my list is so much more than I felt in a ‘real job’. Managing a household is not rated very highly these days. Cleaning and cooking are hassles that people seek shortcuts for, if not outsource altogether.

cable knit scarf
Cable scarf, hand-spun wool (not by me)

I guess I’m just not comfortable outsourcing my ‘life admin’ to someone else when I’m completely capable of doing it myself and, dare I say it, enjoy it. I love meal planning, managing a budget that feeds my family and saves money to pay our mortgage sooner, being a main influence in the life of my children, helping out at school, shopping smart, making things from scratch, sewing, gardening and making our house a home. I feel that it’s not only important for my own sense of well being, but also for the well being of my family – to foster a sense of security, stability and responsibility in my children.

Edited out burnt bits

It’s not an easy job, it doesn’t get a lot of respect and it’s certainly not well paid. And that last reason is what makes me feel guilty for doing it. For not making a financial contribution to our household. And it’s only because we are in a good financial position, that I even have the option to not earn. Managing your own household as a full-time job is now a luxury.

Baby Caesar salads

We’ve come a long way with women’s equality and I know there’s still a long way to go. But I resent that in this modern world I feel guilty for wanting to have what’s considered a more ‘traditional’ role.

Right now is the happiest and most fulfilled I think I’ve felt. I hope I can hold on to it for a while.

Okay then. Looks like I may have needed to get that off my chest…



3 thoughts on “Playing house

  1. “And that last reason is what makes me feel guilty for doing it. For not making a financial contribution to our household.” – I struggle with this on a regular basis! My husband is 100% supportive of me staying home, and I’m as frugal as I can be, but I still know that he is the one having to go out there and do the work to earn the money. I am doing a ton of work at home, yes, but I think because society doesn’t value homemaking the way it used to, it makes it hard not to feel guilty for “just” staying home with the kids and tending the housework and such. :/

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    1. Absolutely. Having a supportive partner is one of the most important things I think. My guilt is also linked to the fact that I enjoy homemaking, so I have a tendency to undervalue it myself. I feel whole as a SAHM though, not split between two conflicting roles, so I’m prepared to work on the guilt 🙂

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      1. I need to work on the guilt, too. It doesn’t help anything…when I can help with income, I will, but my job now is clearly at home. 🙂


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