A little therapy

After my wallow-y post yesterday (and after the antibiotics kicked in) I decided to get a few things done off my ‘things to get done’ list. This list includes a lot of sorting of cupboards and cleaning in places that rarely see a scrubbing brush. It also has all those unfinished craft projects that lie around looking sad.

I managed to cross three things off that list and it turned my day around.

Let’s start with the doily cushion – my latest in a run of doily cushion makeovers that were inspired by this book and made a big improvement to the round One Direction cushions that were all-of-a-sudden on sale everywhere.

I’m sure a few 13-year-old girls would shudder at the thought of them ending up like this:

I think it’s quite pretty though and the William Morris print looks rather nice against the burgundy chesterfield.

Next I tackled my yarn stash. If you’re a knitter or crocheter, you’ll understand the sheer joy of untangling those wodges of wool and sorting them into neat baskets. And how pretty they look afterwards. Now I’m starting to fantasize about a stash-busting blanket to work on over the cold winter evenings.

yarn stash.jpg
Don’t they make you want to reach for the crochet hook?


Lastly was the half-crocheted bowl that’s been sitting about the place.

I think I stopped this half way through because the wool was so precious. It was gifted to me by an old, dear friend who I’ve lost touch with because she lives so far away. It was hand spun and dyed in the warmest deep red-orange and no project seemed to do it justice, so it just sat there. Now at least it’s finished and I can display it and think of her.

I can’t tell you how much better I felt after all this. Crafting is great therapy.

Almost as good as the antibiotics.





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