My making brain has shut down this week. Perhaps it’s fallout from the market. Perhaps I’m too focused on my last week at work. Perhaps it’s this horrible illness that seems to have overtaken our family for the past three weeks. Both A and I are now on antibiotics to hopefully be rid of this exhausting lurgy. It has meant spending the whole weekend indoors with the three boys pulling the house apart. We’re all tired and testy.

And I feel I am between projects. Surely this is the time to perfect my skills on my beautiful new  (a birthday gift from my lovely folks-in-law).

Not a pirate ship

So far I’ve managed to set it up properly after some use by the boys as a ship’s helm, but as yet, no YouTube tutorial has been able to show me how to feed in new wool without it breaking. I hear persistence is the key. I have lovely visions of myself serenely spinning of and evening by our (not-currently-in-use) open fire. I’ll keep at it.

It’s felt like rather a miserable and unproductive weekend. Though I do need to mention a few nice things that have made me smile:

  • My new navy Montgomery duffle jacket arrived, all the way from England (now I just need to be able to leave the house to wear it!).
  • Some delicious homemade chocolate doughnuts delivered to our door by a kindly friend who knew we were sick.
  • The knowledge that I won’t be rising at 6am to dress for a corporate job in the city this week or, perhaps, ever.
  • Some lovely ladies I’ve just listed in my Etsy shop, which made me feel like at least I’d done something for CalicoApple.


ainsley close (2).jpg
The lovely tartan-ed Ainsley awaits in my shop

Hoping things start looking up next week.



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