Project: keepsake outfit for a teddy bear #2

I had my last day at work yesterday, after 14 years with the same organisation, albeit with three children in between. It was quite a surreal feeling and it still hasn’t sunk in. Probably because I’ve left there three times before (once for each child) and because there’s talk of doing some contracting work there. So not all ties have been severed, which I do feel grateful for. I’m looking forward to be able to direct my focus here a bit more and share more of my life and crafty-type things with you here.

So. Craftiness.

Well, I’ve finished the suit alterations for Barnaby Bear (you can find the first installment of this project here) and I took some pics along the way to show you what I did.

Scary but clever

Credit where credit’s due, I couldn’t have done this without Miss Overlocker. Yes, she does scare me a bit, but I do love how she trims and encloses edges – at the same time!


I have to say, I found it very difficult to take a pair of scissors to this little outfit I knew meant so much to a mum, but I had a job to do!

I started with the trouser cuffs. The trousers were far too long for a teddy bear and were elasticated at the ankles. They got the chop and I sewed new hems with good old reliable Mrs Sewing Machine. I just measured, matched and cut. Then I pressed new hems in and sewed around.

baby outfit remodel cuffs

This was one of the easier jobs.

Then I did the bow tie. Another easy job. I thought it best to start with those and build up my confidence.

I measured, unpicked one side of the velcro, trimmed the tie, folded in the raw edge and reattached the velcro in the new position.

baby outfit remodel bowtie
Bow ties are cool

Easy so far.

Next was the shirt. This was trickier.

The shirt was too long but Miss Overlocker took care of that and I pressed and sewed a new hem.

The sleeves were also too long. The shirt cuffs were a feature, so I couldn’t remove them. Instead I decided to shorten the sleeves from the shoulder – this was rather fiddly.

baby outfit remodel shirt seams
Seams easy!

I also took in the side seams. To do this, I turned the shirt inside-out and, put it on Mr Bear, pinned to the right size and overlocked to the pins.

baby outfit remodel waistcoat
Now bear-sized

The waistcoat was trickier still. I took in the shoulder seams and the side seams, and reinforced them with a top stitch so the white overlocked seam wouldn’t show through and so it would sit flat.

I also took it up at the bottom and replicated the top stitching.


He seems pretty chuffed too. I hope his new owner agrees.

This is a lovely way to remember that first outfit your precious one wears and you can’t bear to get rid of (pun now intended).

All he needs is a pipe
All he needs is a pipe



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