Only a day away…

Tomorrow I have my first CalicoApple market stall. I’ve spent the evening finishing off a couple of handsome teddy bears, constructing some cute little peg doll kits and packing all my bits and pieces for the big day. I’m possibly putting a little too much on this, but having recently quit my day job and started dreaming of a successful crafting business, I’m letting my imagination run away a bit.

Toby the Blanket Bear

The words of encouragement from friends and family (as well as occasionally creating faces like the one above) propel me and I know that if I take this seriously, I will face many more crises of confidence along the way. My only hope for tomorrow is that I don’t lose my love of making if the stall is not a roaring success. I know you have to keep the faith in the face of adversity, however esoteric that sounds (I may have had a couple of glasses of wine…Shhh!).

Anyway, I’d like like to thank my Mum here. She has been so supportive of my little venture – to the point of scouring opp shops for the finest vintage blankets and rising before dawn to help me with this stall tomorrow. And also my partner who will be taking care of our three small boys by himself tomorrow, while ill with the flu and with reasonably minimal complaint.

I’m very excited and just a teensy bit terrified! But that’s just how life should be, I suppose.



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